Open Source

The virtue of public blockchains is that they share each other’s code and seek the development of general blockchain technology. Klaytn is developed by forking Ethereum source code and referred various open source project technologies. Therefore, Klaytn also tries to repay the blockchain ecosystem by open-sourcing code again. Especially, because lots of efforts were put in to achieve 1 second block generation time, the projects that are interested in reducing latency will make a good reference out of it.

The participation of the developer community at public blockchain is one of the important factors for success. Since the design of Klaytn, Ethereum that is the strongest developer community is selected as base code considering this, and by protecting solidity compatibility as smart contract language, it is supporting original blockchain engineers to transfer to Klaytn easily. Also, Ethereum Toolkits also tried to protect compatibility so that it is able to drive at Klaytn with a little bit of modification. In contrast, tools developed for Klaytn can also be used at Ethereum with a little bit of modification. Through this, we hope there are more opportunities for two platforms’ community to exchange with each other.

By open sourcing Klaytn, we opened Klaytn development to the community. So, all engineers can participate in Klaytn development in various formats from translation, bug reporting to the code commit. We provide the Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR) support program to encourage the participation of open source developers. KIR is the program that offers for Klaytn development at the community and receives funding to reach this. This makes financial support to be rewarded for enthusiastic participants.

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