Launch an Endpoint Node

Download and Initialize an Endpoint Node (EN)

Unzip the provided ken binary package and copy the files into the klaytn folder. Note: Please download appropriate package starting with ken.

For Mac users, unzip the downloaded file with the following command.

$ tar zxf ken-baobab-vX.X.X-X-darwin-amd64.tar.gz
$ export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/ken-darwin-amd64/bin

For Linux users, unzip the downloaded file with the following command.

$ tar zxf ken-baobab-vX.X.X-X-linux-amd64.tar.gz
$ export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/ken-linux-amd64/bin

You should create a data directory to store the blockchain data. In this tutorial, we will create a kend_home folder in the home directory.

$ mkdir -p ~/kend_home

Configuring the EN

The configuration file, kend.conf, is located under ken-xxxxx-amd64/conf/. For the details of configurable parameters, you can refer to the EN Configuration Guide. To launch an EN of Baobab testnet, please update the kend.conf file accordingly as follows.

# cypress, baobab is only available if you don't specify NETWORK_ID.
# if you specify NETWORK_ID, a private network is created.
RPC_API="klay,net" # net module should be opened for truffle later on.

Launching the EN

To launch the EN, execute the following command.

$ kend start
 Starting kend: OK

Checking the EN

To check if the EN is running, execute the following command.

$ kend status
kend is running

Checking the log of the EN

To check the log of the EN, execute the following command.

$ tail -f ~/kend_home/logs/kend.out
INFO[03/26,15:37:49 +09] [5] Imported new chain segment                blocks=1    txs=0  mgas=0.000  elapsed=2.135ms   mgasps=0.000    number=71340 hash=f15511…c571da cache=155.56kB


Please refer to the Troubleshooting if you have trouble in launching the Klaytn Endpoint Node.

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