Release Notes for Klaytn v0.8.2


  • Enabled peer discovery in kend's config
  • Improved prometheus metrics

Release Notes for Klaytn v0.8.1 (unpublished)


  • Changed return value or output of two RPC API functions
    • klay_getAccountKey
      • Changed to return nil instead of AccountKeyLegacy when the target account does not exist
    • klay_getBlockXXX
      • Changed the output to have the same block data fields as klay_getBlock's
  • Adjusted some log levels to reduce log messages
  • Fixed data races detected by Go's race detection tool
  • Fixed various code bugs


  • Enhanced the node discovery implementation
  • Improved internal error messages
  • Updated test codes

Release Notes for Klaytn v0.8.0 (unpublished)

New features

  • (Beta) Supports KLAY and token transfers between main chain and service chain
  • Introduced ComputationCost and ComputationCostLimit to limit the transaction execution time
  • Implemented chaindata export and sync to database on EN (can be enabled by --dbsyncer)
  • Added new RPC API functions
    • klay_gasPriceAt
    • klay_getCouncilSize
    • klay_getCommittee
    • klay_getCommitteeSize
    • bridge_getServiceChainAccountAddr
    • bridge_getServiceChainAccountNonce
    • bridge_convertRequestTxHashToHandleTxHash
  • Made TxGasHumanReadable changeable by governance
  • Added a new txpool option —txpool.keeplocals


  • Renamed some RPC API functions
    • bridge_convertChildChainBlockHashToParentChainTxHash -> bridge_convertServiceChainBlockHashToMainChainTxHash
    • bridge_unRegisterBridge -> bridge_deregisterBridge
    • bridge_subscribeEventBridge -> bridge_subscribeBridge
    • bridge_unsubscribeEventBridge -> bridge_unsubscribeBridge
    • bridge_listDeployedBridge -> bridge_listBridge
    • klay_getValidators -> klay_getCouncil
  • Removed unnecessary RPC API functions
    • bridge_deployBridgeOnLocalChain
    • bridge_deployBridgeOnParentChain
  • Deleted 'wallet' command from node executables
  • Changed block header's extra field to hold only committee addresses
  • Fixed governance configuration setting
  • Changed --baobab flag to use Baobab’s new bootnode
  • Updated kscnd's config
  • Cleaned up log messages
  • Fixed various bugs


  • Updated node discovery to consider node types
  • Optimized various internal caches and storage layer
  • Handled consensus messages with a separate channel
  • Improved transaction validation/resend logic and txpool management
  • Improved committee/proposer selection and governance implementation
  • Removed meaningless mining operations from PN and EN
  • Enhanced prometheus metrics
  • Added micro-benchmarks for VM opcodes and precompiled contracts
  • Added more unit tests and updated test codes