Klaytn native coin - KLAY


KLAY is the main internal transferable cryptocurrency of Klaytn and is used to pay transaction fees when creating or executing smart contracts or when transferring KLAY.

KLAY is a necessary element--a fuel--for operating the Klaytn distributed application platform. It is a form of payment made by the clients of the platform to the consensus nodes (CNs) executing the requested operations. To put it another way, KLAY is an incentive; it ensures that developers write high-quality applications (wasteful code costs more) and that the network remains healthy (CNs are compensated for the resources they contribute).

Units of KLAY

Klaytn uses the following unit system for KLAY.

  • peb is the smallest currency unit.

  • ston is an alias for Gpeb and introduced for convenience.

  • A KLAY is 10^18 peb.

klay.toPeb and klay.fromPeb are convenient APIs for converting between KLAY units.

$ ./klay attach data/dd/klay.ipc
> klay.fromPeb(25, "peb")
> klay.fromPeb(25, "Gpeb")
> klay.fromPeb(25, "ston")
> klay.fromPeb(25, "KLAY")
> klay.toPeb(25, "peb")
> klay.toPeb(25, "ston")
> klay.toPeb(25, "KLAY")

You can get the list of all units supported by klay.toPeb and klay.fromPeb by sending an invalid unit string such as the one below.

> klay.toPeb(1, "something-does-not-exist")
Error: This unit doesn't exist, please use one of the following units
"noKLAY": "0"
"peb": "1"
"kpeb": "1000"
"Mpeb": "1000000"
"Gpeb": "1000000000"
"ston": "1000000000"
"uKLAY": "1000000000000"
"mKLAY": "1000000000000000"
"KLAY": "1000000000000000000"
"kKLAY": "1000000000000000000000"
"MKLAY": "1000000000000000000000000"
"GKLAY": "1000000000000000000000000000"
"TKLAY": "1000000000000000000000000000000"

    at web3.js:2170:19
    at web3.js:2255:49
    at <anonymous>:1:1

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