Before You Install

Before installing the Klaytn package, it is required to create the associated node information to enroll your node URIs. The Kgen package is provided for CC operators, please follow the steps in the order shown below.

  1. Download kgen Package

  2. Node Key & Node URI Creation

  3. Node URI Enrollment

Download kgen Package

First of all, you can download the latest version of kgen package depending on your operating systems on Download page.

You can find the kgen binary file under the bin directory.

Node Key & Node URI Creation

The node key and the node URI are created only once at the beginning. The node URI must be shared with other Core Cells of the Core Cell Network. A CN connects to other CNs and a PN connects to a CN and some PNs using the created node URI. A node URI is created based on the node key by using the downloaded kgen. The below command line creates nodekey as well as node_info.json.

kgen takes the associated IP and Port number as follows.

$ kgen --ip "123.456.789.012" --port 32323 --file
$ ls
nodekey node_info.json

The nodekey is a 64-byte hexadecimal string which is a private key used in the node internally. This private key must be present at the Klaytn data directory and be careful not to lose it.

$ cat nodekey
$ mv nodekey ~/kcnd_home

The created file node_info.json includes the following contents.

Key NameDescriptionExample


an address of the associated node



the node key (a.k.a private key)



node URI


node_info.json contains the node information in a JSON format as follows.

$ cat node_info.json
    "NodeAddress": "0xc8a23d67f2471066fa1b07270651fea7e5c0cf78",
    "NodeKey": "aaa7248dfdf19418ae9121a0f39db39c5c27a3e404ea7c1b8e020ca8dbe7e71a",
    "NodeURI": "kni://4f2f47f3bf35a2c576d3345e6e9c49b147d510c05832d2458709f63c3c90c76ead205975d944ed65e77dd4c6f63ebe1ef21d60da95952bc1e200e7487f4d9e1b@123.456.789.012:32323?discport=0"

Node URI Enrollment

The created node URI should be enrolled to participate in the Core Cell Network (CCN). The process of the enrollment is as follows.

  1. Create a node URI using kgen (node_info.json) which contains the associated IP and Port number.

  2. Send the information to the official Klaytn email address ( for Cypress or for Baobab).

The enrolled information should be sent to the official Klaytn email address. The format is as follows.

In case of CN,

Company: Kakao
CN URI : kni://

In case of PN,

Company: Kakao
PN URI : kni://

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