3. Directory Structure

|-- contracts
|-- migrations
|-- truffle-config.js
|-- static  
|-- src  
    |-- styles
    |-- klaytn
      |-- caver.js
    |-- components
      |-- BlockNumber.js
      |-- Auth.js
      |-- Count.js
    |-- index.js
    |-- App.js
    |-- routes.js

contracts/: Contains Solidity source files of the smart contract.

migrations/: Contains JavaScript files that handle smart contract deployment.

truffle-config.js: Truffle configuration file.

static/: Contains static files such as images.

src/styles: CSS definition files.

src/index.js: Our tutorial app's index file. ReactDOM.render logic is here.

src/App.js: Our tutorial app's root component file.

src/routes.js: Contains route definitions.

src/components: Contains frontend component files.

  • src/components/BlockNumber.js: Shows the current block number.

  • src/components/Auth.js: Handles user login using either private key or a keystore with password.

  • src/components/Count.js: Handles interaction with the deployed Count contract. Invokes contract functions using caver.js.

src/klaytn: Contains files that support interactions with the Klaytn.

  • src/klaytn/caver.js: Instantiates caver-js. caver-js is a JavaScript RPC call library that helps connect to a Klaytn node and interact with the node or smart contracts deployed on Klaytn.

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