The EN configuration is to create a data directory and to set up the environment variables on the configuration file kend.conf.

  1. Create the EN data directory.

  2. Configure the EN with kend.conf.

EN Data Directory Creation

Considering the fact that the size of Klaytn blockchain data keeps increasing, it is recommended to use a big enough storage. You need to create the directory on your desired path.

$ sudo mkdir -p /var/kend/data

Update the Configuration File

Configuration File Location:

  • For the archive distribution, the config directory location defaults to $INSTALL_PATH/ken-linux-amd64/conf/.

  • For the package distribution, the config directory defaults to /etc/kend/conf/.

Add Data Directory

You should update the data directory environment variable $DATA_DIR on the configuration file kend.conf.


Fast Sync (Optional)

Each EN maintains a copy of the network's chain data. If a node is out of sync, it can obtain this data from other nodes in the network -- a process known as syncing. When a new EN is first started, it must download the entire chain data from the network.

To accelerate this process, you may perform a fast sync by downloading a snapshot of the chain data before starting the EN. This can dramatically reduce the time the EN will spend syncing on first start.

Download the latest chaindata snapshot from the Cypress snapshot archive or Baobab snapshot archive. Before starting kend, extract the snapshot inside the DATA_DIR you configured in kend.conf.

For example:

$ tar -C ~/kend_home -xvf klaytn-cypress-chaindata-latest.tar.gz


$ tar -C ~/kend_home -xvf klaytn-baobab-chaindata-latest.tar.gz

After the data is extracted, you may start the EN normally.

You can refer to detailed information in the Chaindata change

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