3. Testing the contract using scripts

In this section, we will be writing scripts to test the functionality of our smart contract . To get started, navigate to your scripts folder, create a new file named bmc-sample.js and paste the following code in it:

const hre = require("hardhat");
// Logs the KLAY balances of a specific address.
async function getBalance(address) {
    const balanceBigInt = await hre.ethers.provider.getBalance(address);
    return hre.ethers.utils.formatEther(balanceBigInt)

// Logs the KLAY balances for a list of addresses.
async function getBalances(addresses) {
  let idx = 0;
  for (const address of addresses) {
      console.log(`address ${idx} balances`, await getBalance(address));

// Logs all the coffee info stored on-chain from coffee tx.
async function getAllCoffee(memos) {
  for (const memo of memos) {
      const timestamp = memo.timestamp;
      const sender = memo.sender;
      const name = memo.name;
      const message = memo.message
      console.log(`At ${timestamp}, ${name}, with ${sender}, said: "${message}"`);

async function main() {
  const [owner, tipper1, tipper2, tipper3 ] = await hre.ethers.getSigners();
  const BuyMeACoffee = await hre.ethers.getContractFactory("BuyMeACoffee");
  const buyMeACoffe = await BuyMeACoffee.deploy();
  await buyMeACoffe.deployed();
  console.log(`BuyMeACoffee Contract Address`, buyMeACoffe.address);
  // (========Check Balance==========)
  const addressses = [owner.address, tipper1.address, buyMeACoffe.address];
  console.log("======GET BALANCE=======");
  await getBalances(addressses);
  // Buy Coffee for owner
  const tip = {value: hre.ethers.utils.parseEther("1")}
  await buyMeACoffe.connect(tipper1).buyCoffee("Alice", "Hi Jude", tip);
  await buyMeACoffe.connect(tipper2).buyCoffee("Bob", "Hi Alice", tip);
  await buyMeACoffe.connect(tipper3).buyCoffee("Japhet", "Hi Ox", tip);
  // check balance after tipping 
  console.log("======GET BALANCE AFTER TIPPING=======");
  await getBalances(addressses);
  // withdraw coffee tips
  await buyMeACoffe.connect(owner).withdrawCoffeTips();
  // check balance after withdrawing tip 
  console.log("======GET BALANCE AFTER WITHDRAWING TIP=======");
  await getBalances(addressses);
  // get the current coffee tx id.
  const coffeeId = await buyMeACoffe.coffeeId()
  const id = coffeeId.toString();
  // get all existing coffee tx
  const allCoffee = await buyMeACoffe.getAllCoffee(id);
  await getAllCoffee(allCoffee);
// We recommend this pattern to be able to use async/await everywhere
// and properly handle errors.
main().catch((error) => {
  process.exitCode = 1;

As always, lets go over what each line of code does:

You will notice that at the top of the code, there exist some helper functions for getting the balances of both a single address and multiple addresses. Also in the code exists the main function which houses the functionality of testing our smart contract.

Let's do a walk through of the code in the main() function.

First we set the list of accounts (owner, tipper1, tipper2, tipper3) for test purposes by calling await hre.ethers.getSigners()

Next we created a contract instance and deployed it. In this case the BuyMeACoffee.sol contract.

Then, we set a list of addressees, checked their balances using the getBalances() function. We then called the buyCoffee function on three different instances. Next we checked each addresses balance after the coffee transaction.

That said, we then called the withdraw function to withdraw all funds to the owner address. Next we checked the addresses balance after withdrawal.

Finally, we got all the coffee transactions in the smart contract by calling the getAllCoffee() function. To see the script in action, run the command below:

npx hardhat run scripts/bmc-coffee.js

You should have an output in your terminal that looks like this:

Ayomitans-MacBook-Pro:smart-contract oxpampam$ npx hardhat run scripts/bmc-sample.js
BuyMeACoffee Contract Address 0x5FbDB2315678afecb367f032d93F642f64180aa3
======GET BALANCE=======
address 0 balances 9999.998295071875
address 1 balances 10000.0
address 2 balances 0.0
address 0 balances 9999.998295071875
address 1 balances 9998.999752128832448226
address 2 balances 3.0
address 0 balances 10002.998249102355276178
address 1 balances 9998.999752128832448226
address 2 balances 0.0
At 1686307885, Alice, with 0x70997970C51812dc3A010C7d01b50e0d17dc79C8, said: "Hi Jude"
At 1686307886, Bob, with 0x3C44CdDdB6a900fa2b585dd299e03d12FA4293BC, said: "Hi Alice"
At 1686307887, Japhet, with 0x90F79bf6EB2c4f870365E785982E1f101E93b906, said: "Hi Ox"

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