Startup the CN

CN Start/Stop

You can start/stop the Klaytn service with the following systemctl command.

Note: This requires root privileges.


$ systemctl start kcnd.service


$ systemctl stop kcnd.service


$ systemctl status kcnd.service


If you meet the following error,

Failed to start kcnd.service: Unit not found.

reload the systemd manager configuration with the following command.

$ systemctl daemon-reload

Export BLS public key info

If the network has activated or will activate the Randao hardfork, each CN maintainer must submit its BLS public key info to the KIP-113 smart contract.

The BLS public key info can be calculated from the nodekey. To extract it, first start the node. Then use the command:

$ kcn account bls-info --datadir /var/kcnd/data

As a result, bls-publicinfo-NODEID.json file will be created.

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