Kaikas is a browser extension wallet for the Klaytn Network. Available in Google Chrome, Kaikas provides a secure and usable means to interact with the Klaytn network via web browser. With Kaikas, you are able to store and transact with your KLAY and Klaytn-based tokens. You are also able to sign requests from web-based dApps (Decentralized Applications) in realtime.

  • Download from Chrome Web Store: link

For developers, please visit https://docs.kaikas.io to learn how you can develop dApps using Kaikas.

PC web browser based decentralized HD wallet

Kaikas is a web browser extension available in Chrome. Kaikas is optimized for the desktop environment.

Kaikas offers manageability of user accounts and keys. All transactions are transparently recorded on the Klaytn blockchain, so anybody can access the transaction history by using Klaytnscope.

Kaikas is a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet, meaning that it generates a hierarchical tree-like structure of private/public keys indefinitely from a single seed phrase. The seed phrase consists of mnemonic code words, which makes it easier to remember than phrases made of random alphanumerics. Users' private keys are encrypted and stored in their browsers.

With the features described above, Kaikas has improved the security, transparency, and user-friendliness of the current blockchain experience. However, it is vital for users to be responsible for managing their personal accounts. For example, if a user couldn't remember his/her seed phrase, there would be no other way to restore his/her accounts.

Supporting various Klaytn networks and tokens

Kaikas allows you to store and transact with all Klaytn-based tokens including KLAY. Tokens that are not loaded by default can be inserted by pasting in their contract address. You can even store and transact your own Klaytn-based custom tokens on Kaikas!

Kaikas supports Klaytn's Baobab testnet as well as the Cypress mainnet. Moreover, Kaikas supports the private chains for Klaytn-based dApp developers who may wish to circulate custom tokens in their private network.

Signing web-based dApp transactions

Kaikas simply bridges the gap between you and dApps, empowering you to sign transactions/data flowing to you from dApps with Kaikas account. Kaikas is also an aidful utility for developers to handle fee-delegated transactions. Using Kaikas, both transaction senders and fee payers can swiftly sign the fee-delegated transactions.

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