Finality and Improvements

Vast Improvements with uncompromised instant finality

1-second Finality

Even with more consensus nodes, better performance and numerous feature enhancements, Klaytn will maintain 1-second block finality to ensure speedy transactions that will never be reversed.

Throughput (TPS)

Klaytn’s performance will be further boosted through a combination of network upgrades and layer 2 solutions, allowing it to handle a massive number of transactions.


Klaytn 2.0 will address scalability through service chains, our easily customizable and deployable L2 solution. Other solutions, such as sharding or rollups, are also being planned for the future.

Tiered Network

Klaytn’s tiered structure delivers transactions to the consensus nodes effectively by distributing the workload for greater stability. Our nodes are also continuously fortified to ensure seamless operation.


Various ecosystems (such as DEX, Bridge, Oracle, etc) will flourish on Klaytn. The asset transfer or exchange between Klaytn and other blockchains will be much easier.

User Experience

Klaytn delivers a superior end-user experience by providing fast transaction processing suitable for mobile environments, the ability to update exposed keys to mitigate risks, and fee delegation to transfer the transaction fee burden.

Developer Experience

Klaytn supports Ethereum equivalence, which provides access to the complete stack of Ethereum development tools and enables effortless migration of Ethereum projects. In addition, fast and inexpensive multi-signature functionality is also supported at a protocol level without requiring a smart contract implementation.

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