KlaytnGreeter is a simple contract that returns a greeting message. Greeting message is set when the contract is deployed.

Writing KlaytnGreeter

pragma solidity 0.5.6;
contract Mortal {
/* Define variable owner of the type address */
address payable owner;
/* This function is executed at initialization and sets the owner of the contract */
constructor () public { owner = msg.sender; }
/* Function to recover the funds on the contract */
function kill() public { if (msg.sender == owner) selfdestruct(owner); }
contract KlaytnGreeter is Mortal {
/* Define variable greeting of the type string */
string greeting;
/* This runs once when the contract is created */
constructor (string memory _greeting) public {
greeting = _greeting;
/* Main function */
function greet() public view returns (string memory) {
return greeting;

Deploying KlaytnGreeter using Remix Online IDE


For the details of contract deployment and the Remix Online IDE usage guideline, please refer to the following documents.