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Release Notes

Klaytn v1.10.2 contains a hardfork upgrade that results in backward-incompatible changes. All Baobab/Cypress nodes would thus have to be upgraded to v1.10.2 or higher before the target block number. The hardfork implements [KIP-103] that is a technical specification of [KGP-6].
The hardfork schedule is as follows:
Baobab Testnet
  • BlockNumber: 119145600 (estimated time: 6 Apr, 4:20 AM UTC+9)
  • Hardfork contents: KIP-103 hardfork (Baobab already applied Kore hardfork)
  • TreasuryRebalance contract address: 0xD5ad6D61Dd87EdabE2332607C328f5cc96aeCB95
Cypress Mainnet
  • BlockNumber: 119750400 (estimated time: 17 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC+9)
  • Hardfork contents: Kore, KIP-103 hardforks
  • TreasuryRebalance contract address: 0xD5ad6D61Dd87EdabE2332607C328f5cc96aeCB95
*You can find detailed information on TreasuryRebalance contract from KIP-103
NOTE: At the activation of KIP-103, the balance of the Treasury account will be changed in an unusual way. You can find the change result on the TreasuryRebalance contract. NOTE: Some APIs (governance_getStakingInfo, klay_getStakingInfo, governance_getRewards) change their returning field names of KGF, KIR to kff, kcf respectively. The old field names will remain before v1.11.0 for backward compatibility.

Hardfork features

  • KIP-103: Implementing TreasuryRebalance (#1803 #1809 #1810)


  • Extended the maximum transaction size to 128KB (#1733)
  • Enhanced voting input validation of governance system (#1767)
  • Unified the activation timing of governance items to the epoch block number (#1772)
  • Introduced new APIs reading chain configurations and governance parameters (#1783)
    • new APIs: governance_getParams, governance_getChainConfig, klay_getParams, klay_getChainConfig
  • Introduced timeout trigger on debug tracing APIs (#1762)
  • Introduced new admin APIs syncing stakingInfo with other peers (#1778)
    • admin_syncStakingInfo and admin_syncStakingInfoStatus
  • Changed returning field names from kgf/kir to kff/kcf(#1789 #1792)
  • kgf -> kff, kir -> kcf, KGFAddr-> kffAddr, KIRAddr -> kcfAddr
    • affected APIs: governance_getStakingInfo, klay_getStakingInfo, governance_getRewards
    • APIs returns old field name as well before v1.11.0 for backward compatibility
  • Enables http as default RPC server configuration deprecating fasthttp (#1786)
    • If a node configures fasthttp, it will be updated to http automatically


  • Fixed governance_paramsAt API to read a more proper block number (#1779 #1791)
  • Fixed consensus bugs that can be a problem when committeeSize is equal to or less than 3 (#1787)
  • Fixed unexpected node loading failure after unexpected node termination (#1766)
  • Fixed klay_getRewards API to exclude the remainder in the calculation (#1771)


  • Minor maintenance (#1747 #1757 #1748 #1764 #1675 #1768 #1769 #1782 #1785 #1812)
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