Ethereum Compatibility

We Support Ethereum Equivalence

1. Development Tools

Any tooling that can run on Ethereum will run seamlessly within the Klaytn ecosystem by making Klaytn’s technical stack equivalent, from an interfacing and execution perspective, to the existing Ethereum stack. New tooling created in the Klaytn ecosystem could be reciprocally adopted within the Ethereum ecosystem.

2. EVM and API

By building on top of existing Ethereum stacks; we inherit any improvements made to the open-source codebases of EVM and supporting libraries. Supporting such equivalent opcodes and stack logic in the Klaytn EVM environment would see execution behaviour is guaranteed equivalent; and supporting a set of JSON-RPC APIs with equivalent endpoint payload syntax guarantees full Ethereum interfacing equivalence.

3. Core Development Contribution

Supporting Ethereum equivalence translates most to the mutual benefit to both the Klaytn and Ethereum ecosystems. The majority of Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) could be migrated and adopted to the Klaytn core development agenda, and in turn Klaytn Improvement Proposals (KIPs) could contribute to the advancement of Ethereum and EVM. When the development community contributes to one ecosystem, they are indeed contributing to both.

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