Metaverse Package

Lowering the barrier to entry

It is clear that blockchain technology will serve as the critical trust layer for the metaverse.

However, between the fledgling state of blockchain tech and the difficulty of selecting the right tools and components, blockchain development is still filled with hurdles.

That’s why we put together an end-to-end package that’s designed to help builders of metaverse enter the blockchain world as smoothly as possible.

Klaytn’s ‘Metaverse Package’

Primary Infrastructure: Tool sets for end-to-end blockchain integration and building Customized L2 solution SDKs and smart contract libraries Wallets and chain explorers Distributed storage solutions Oracle support Bridges

Secondary Infrastructure: Ecosystem for supporting products and services Integration/abstraction services Stablecoin integrations DAOs NFT Marketplaces DEX and DeFi Traditional finance interfaces

• This package will be managed by our dedicated package manager.

• Builders can easily build and customize Layer 2 as well as create/transfer assets.

With our metaverse package, the complexity of blockchain will no longer get in the way of realizing your aspirations.

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