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Release Notes

Klaytn v1.12.0 contains a hardfork upgrade that results in backward-incompatible changes. All Baobab nodes must be upgraded to v1.12.0 or higher before the target block number. The hardfork block number for Cypress mainnet will be scheduled in the next version.

This version includes two different hardforks. The first is the features equivalent to Ethereum Caucun hardfork, and the second is an optional hardfork implementing the Randao on-chain randomness.

The hardfork schedule is as follows:

Baobab testnet

  • Block number: 141367000 (estimated time: 19 Dec, 10:00 AM UTC+9)

  • Hardfork contents: Cancun hardfork, Randao hardfork

Cancun Hardfork features

  • Added the TLOAD, TSTORE opcodes to EVM according to EIP-1153 (#1988)

  • Added the BLOBBASEFEE, BLOBHASH opcodes and the POINT_EVALUATION (0x0a) precompile to EVM according to EIP-4844 and EIP-7516 except Blob transaction type support (#2032)

  • Added the MCOPY opcode to EVM according to EIP-5656 (#1980)

  • Modified the behavior of the SELFDESTRUCT opcode according to EIP-6780 (#1986)

  • Adjusted ComputationCost for the recommended hardware specification, and increased the ComputationCostLimit (#2037)

  • Modified the behavior of the EXTCODEHASH opcode to return 0 when the account is empty according to EIP-1052 (#2040)

  • Fully support AccessList transaction type according to EIP-2930 (#1955)

Randao Hardfork features


  • Added the Upstream EN feature. When an EN fails to find the block data during an API handling, it can query another EN specified by the --rpc.upstream-en flag. (#2013)

  • Increased the block consensus quorum to harden network security. (#2026)

  • The JavaScript runtime of the built-in console now supports ECMAScript6 features (#2001)

  • Optimized the data synchronization between RocksDB instances. (#1947)

  • Added the node flag --vm.opdebug to measure opcode execution times. (#2012)

  • Transaction-related APIs return more detailed error messages about bad signatures (#1967)

  • Optimized the debug_startWarmUp API (#2011)

  • Added the debug_traceCall AP to support ERC-4337 bundlers (#1965, #1979)

  • Added the admin_nodeConfig API (#1996)

  • Added the eth_createAccessList API to help build AccessList type transactions (#2027)

  • Added the eth_getBlockReceipts API, and modified the klay_getBlockReceipts API to accept block numbers. (#2019)


  • Fixed governance-related bugs (#1942, #1984)

  • Fixed the debug_setHead API to correctly rewind governance-related internal states. You can attempt recovery from governance-related block sync problems. (#1966, #2002)

  • Fixed some log levels. (#1946, #1978)

  • Fixed debug_traceTransaction API to correctly function with value transfer to EOAs. (#1953)

  • Fixed klay_recoverFromTransaction API to correctly process Ethereum-typed transactions (#1975)

  • Fixed the block and header fetching APIs to not fail with the “pending” block number. (#1994)

  • Fixed the eth_maxPriorityFeePerGas API to return 0 since Magma hardfork. (#2008)


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